Summer Lawn Care Checklist

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Summer is perfect for swimming, grilling on the deck, or lounging in a hammock, but it is also ideal for completing certain landscape maintenance tasks. Although completing yard work is likely not your favorite way to enjoy the sunshine, it is necessary to keep your property safe for your family, maintain the curb appeal of your home, and save you from avoidable expenses that can rapidly pile up without proper maintenance. Review our summer lawn care checklist below, then contact Advanced Tree and Landscape for your landscaping needs.

Top 3 Tasks for Summer Lawn Maintenance

Perform the following tasks to ensure your lawn says in the best condition this summer:

  1. Keep your grass healthy and green. A healthy lawn begins by choosing the suitable grass for your location. This means a northern or cool-season type like fescue, bluegrass, or sun and shade for Oregon homeowners. Water your lawn in the morning or late afternoon and check to ensure it’s receiving enough water by sticking a screwdriver into the soil. It should be able to easily penetrate the soil to a depth of six inches. Fertilize on a regular basis, practice effective weed control, and remove dead material with a thatch rake.
  2. Perform a lawn mower tune-up. Even the healthiest lawn cannot be maintained without a properly functioning lawnmower. A lawnmower tune-up involves annually changing the oil, changing the spark plug, and cleaning or replacing the air filter. You should also sharpen the blade every month or so with a hand file or an attachment kit for a Dremel tool to achieve the right angle.
  3. Control pests. Grow vole-resistant plants to discourage voles from taking over your yard and remove moles by trapping them, poisoning them, or using repellents made of castor oil. Keep groundhogs out of your vegetable garden by installing a fence. Prevent mosquitoes with mosquito repellents, practicing common sense-sense sanitation and removing any areas with standing water. Protect your family from Lyme disease by growing deer-resistant plants, as this removes the deer tick’s primary food source.  

Keep Your Property Safe and Beautiful This Summer

If you are interested in checking these items off your to-do list sooner rather than later, contact Advanced Tree and Landscape today to schedule our professional services. Our team of experts offers various tree services, including pruning and trimming, spraying to prevent fungi, insects, and disease, and cabling and bracing to stabilize leaning or cracked trees. We can remove stumps, fallen limbs, and damaged, diseased, or dangerous trees from your property to make your backyard easier to maintain and safer for your family.