Spring Tree Care Tips

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As spring approaches, it’s also time to prepare for tree and garden maintenance. Below is a short list of important tips to help your outdoor living environment flourish.

  • Spring-cleaning. No spring advice is more important than the age-old annual spring-cleaning routine. Raking leaves and debris eliminates the breeding ground for fungal growth.
  • Inspect your trees and shrubs. Look for damage from the previous winter. If you aren’t sure what to do about the damage, contact Advanced Tree and Landscape to determine if a treatment can be applied or removal is required. Also, check to make sure your trees are coming fully into leaf. If a part of your tree is not coming into leaves, then that could indicate that the tree is dead.
  • Check for pests. Familiarize yourself with the type of pests common to your region. Take care in removing certain pests like the Oak Processionary Moth, as the hairs on their bodies are toxic when they are still in the caterpillar stage. Other pests like aphids or spider mites are easier to remove with your garden hose but sometimes can persist, and a professional needs to be called in.
  • Mulch your garden and trees. This is especially important for the young trees you are caring for. Mulching helps retain moisture and prevent the growth of weeds. Take care not to put mulch up the tree trunk, as it can retain heat and encourage the growth of harmful fungi.
  • Prune, fertilize, and water your trees. Pruning dead branches, nourishing your trees with a slow-release fertilizer, and properly watering your trees in the spring can help them get a head start on a healthy, warm weather season.
  • Plant new trees. Spring is the ideal time to plant new trees, as it gives them plenty of time to grow properly before winter sets in.

For expert advice on these and other lawn care maintenance tips, call Advanced Tree and Landscape.