Spring Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

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After a long winter, spring is a welcome time of warm temperatures and an increase in outdoor activity. It’s also the perfect time to start your lawn and landscape care. Below is a list of yard tips to keep the outside of your home looking spectacular.

  • Inspect your trees and shrubbery. Prune broken or damaged branches or have a professional remove them if the task is more than you have time for.
  • Check your soil. Every few years, you should test the PH balance and nutrient content in your soil. This can be done at your state’s local agricultural office or by a lawn care specialist.
  • Fertilize your yard. After testing, you may need to fertilize your soil. Remember that not all varieties of grass should be fertilized in the spring. Some cool season grasses require fertilization in the latter part of the year. If you aren’t sure what type of grass you have in your yard, ask a lawn care professional.
  • Fertilize your trees and shrubbery. Like your grass, your trees and shrubs will benefit from fertilization with a slow-release product, preferably before mulch is put down.
  • Weed control. Spring is a great time to spray a pre-emergent weed control compound, especially for crabgrass.
  • Tidy up planting beds. Raking the leaves and using an edging tool in your plant beds will create orderly, natural-looking edges around your plant beds.
  • Add mulch. Lay down an inch-thick layer of mulch in your plant beds and around your trees and shrubs. Take care not to allow the mulch to touch tree trunks or accumulate more than 3 inches in depth. Mulch helps planting areas look neat and retains moisture in the soil. It also keeps roots cooler in the summer and insulates them in the winter. An additional benefit is the organic matter that is added to the soil from decomposition.

These tips will help you maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn year-round. For more information on lawn care, contact Advanced Tree and Landscape today.