Spring Is the Time to Take Care of Your Trees That Suffered Winter Damage

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Winter weather is hard on many of our home’s exterior features. We all know the effects it can have on our sidewalks, roofs, and driveways, but one aspect that homeowners often overlook is their landscaping. Ice storms, heavy winds, and the harsh Pacific Northwest snowstorms can have devastating effects on both young trees and more mature landscaping alike. If your trees have been damaged by winter storms this year, it is time to look into trimming or replacing them.


Early spring is the perfect time for trimming and pruning trees that have been damaged by the winter elements. You may have damage to the trees that could open them up to rot and disease, which will further harm them, or you may have loose or hanging branches. These branches could fall at any time and injure someone or cause damages to vehicles, other landscaping features, outbuildings, or your home itself. An experienced tree maintenance company will be able to assess your situation and trim the necessary branches of a damaged tree without causing further harm in the long run.


Not all winter damage to your beautiful trees requires trimming and pruning. In some circumstances, slightly damaged limbs can be treated with support measures that allow the tree to grow and heal naturally. A trusted maintenance expert can help you decide which course of action is best for your tree or trees and do the work for you. Once the tree has grown stronger, the landscaping professional will remove the supports and free the tree to continue growing naturally.

Having a tree and landscape company you trust is a valuable asset to the beauty of your Medford, Oregon property. Advanced Tree and Landscaping can help to care for your trees throughout their lifetime, and fix problems caused by the hard winters. Our technicians are ready to help. Call us today at (541) 621-9460.