Signs Your Tree is Sick

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There are many ways to tell if you have a sick tree on your Medford, Oregon property.  Start by walking around your property regularly so that you know right away if you have a tree that’s changed or become unhealthy.  If you think your tree looks sick, have it inspected to see if there is any way to prevent removal services.


If you have pests on your trees, such as beetles, worms, or aphids, consider having your trees inspected to see if they are infested and have damage because of the pests.  Sometimes a tree can have damage that is much worse internally, which causes it to weaken and become dangerous.


If the leaves on your tree don’t look healthy, it may have a disease!  Many tree diseases cause infections, and your tree may show signs on its leaves.  If the leaves don’t fully grow in or start to fall in the summer, then the tree should have a checkup.

Part of The Tree Looks Dead

If you have a tree that looks like it is decaying, it may need to be removed.  A tree with dead sections or dying branches may be too much of a hazard or too far gone to save. 


Examining the roots of a tree can give you a lot of information.   If you notice that the roots of a tree are pulling up and the ground is coming up with it, then you may have an unstable tree.  You may also notice fungi, mushrooms, or other signs of decay around the roots of a tree. 

The Tree Trunk

If you notice that the trunk of the tree has loose bark, is cracked, or looks damaged, then you may have a sick tree.  If you see that the damage continues up the tree and looks like there is decay or swelling in the bark, then the tree is unhealthy.   An inspection of the tree may be able to save it if you catch the issue early enough, and there isn’t a substantial amount of decay or damage.