Reasons To Have A Tree Removed

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tree insect infestedWith spring in full swing you may be seeing some buds on your bushes and trees start to grow or even blossom. This is a great time of year to assess the health of the trees on your property. The winter weather brings harsh winds and storms that can prove the integrity – or lack thereof – of some of the trees around your home and the spring is the perfect time to have these tree inspected to see if they should be standing for another winter.

Here are some reasons to have those unhealthy trees removed:

Trees that are dead will attract unwanted pests. While the tree might be dying or even already dead, that won’t deter certain pests from finding it irresistible. In fact, while you are losing a tree you could be gaining infestations of mice, rats, or termites. And, it won’t take long for these colonies to move their nests from your tree and into your home

Dead or dying trees are unattractive. There is a reason that opening scene to many haunted house movies includes shots of dead or dying trees. These trees are scraggly and unattractive and if you invest time and money into your landscaping a dead tree could be a terrible eye sore. With the spring weather soon giving way to summer heat, you want trees on your property that are going to be full of life and supply ample shade – not scare the neighbors!

The diseases that trees carry are contagious to other trees. If you have a tree that has died from or is currently dying from a disease it is highly likely that the other trees and plants on your land will also get the disease. If you have planted flowers, a garden, or other foliage under or near the dying tree, all of those plants could also contract the same disease and you will lose your entire investment.

The branches on dead trees are fragile. Just like any living thing, when a tree dies it begins to decompose. This process significantly weakens the branches of the tree and one good spring storm could cause branches to fall off of the tree. These branches can be heavy and cause significant damage if they fall on your home or outbuildings. Not to mention if they happen to fall onto your neighbors’ property any damage that they cause – you are liable for.

If you have a tree that you think might be dead or dying call a professional landscaper to have it inspected.