Reasons for Emergency Tree Care in Medford, Oregon

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If you have a tree on your property that doesn’t look healthy, consider having it removed as soon as possible.  If a tree splits, falls, or branches easily come off it in a storm, you have a safety issue that needs emergency tree services. 


It is much safer to hire someone who is experienced in taking care of trees that have damage or are diseased when they may cause a hazardous situation.  Getting a tree removed before it causes harm is the best way to protect yourself and your property.


When the weather changes and the rain and wind come, trees can cause more damage if they aren’t healthy.  A weakened tree is a dangerous tree in a storm.  If you want to make sure your property is as safe as it can be, consider having your trees inspected before winter.  If you know a storm is on the way and you have a hazardous tree on your property, call for emergency tree services right away.

Unhealthy Trees

If you have a tree on your property in Medford, OR, that is diseased, a professional at Advanced Tree and Landscape can diagnose the problem, remove the tree if needed, and check your other trees.  Taking care of an unhealthy tree right away is a great way to be proactive in making sure that your home is safe.

Fallen Branches or a Split Tree

If there is a storm or high winds, you may notice that you have a tree with branches that break off easily.  A weak tree is a hazard to people, animals, vehicles, and your home.  Consider calling for emergency tree services to have the tree assessed.  You may also have a tree that split after a storm, contact one of our professional tree care specialists to have it removed right away!  

Damage to Your Property

Whether it is your home, garage, shop, or a vehicle.  Contact us for emergency tree services when you have a fallen or split tree that is laying against something on your property.  We will remove it and clean up the debris from the removal process.