New Ways to Use Fall Leaves! Create Leaf Compost!

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Many people confuse leaf mulch with leaf compost – but the two are not the same. Mulch is made strictly from plant material and is generally better for insulation, while compost is created by mixing plant materials with other organic materials such as kitchen scraps; compost is better for enriching and improving soil. To make your own leaf compost you should start by grinding up the leaves with a mulching lawn mower, but it’s fine to use raked leaves, it will just take a little longer to decompose. Once you have your leaves, you place them in your compost bin, add water, and continue to add table scraps, coffee grounds, etc. Mix and stir, water, mix and stir, etc. over the months. Don’t have a compost bin? Almost anything can be a compost bin – including a corner of your yard! You can get a plastic tub or garbage can and hammer/drill some holes in it!