Need More Shade? Plant These Trees!

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Tree ShadeTrees do more than just beautify our homes as they also help provide us with shade on those hot summer months – given that you have a tree with a robust foliage of course. Because of the shade they provide, they allow us to enjoy our lawns and backyards better – you can place your coffee tables and chairs underneath or hang a hammock in between two trees and simply sit back (or lie down) and enjoy the sunny day without fear of getting sunburn.

If you are wondering which trees provide some of the best shades, then we have got a list for you.


Oak trees like Sawtooth Oaks and Nuttall Oaks are known for their leafy canopies which can provide a great deal of shade. Some people think that these trees take a lot of years to grow, and although that may be true for most oaks, the two mentioned above can grow pretty quickly so you can enjoy their shade faster. Perhaps, your only problem with oak trees is that they grow acorns, which can attract squirrels and rodents, or wild deer and turkey if you happen to have some in your place.


Paper Birch and River Birches also have nice and thick foliages which offer a good deal of shade, and can grow pretty quickly as well. However, some considerations need to be taken, since each type of the birch trees mentioned have different requirements. For instance, River Birches are best for homes located in more temperate regions since they have high tolerance for heat, while Paper Birches are most suitable for cooler regions.


Maples are another favorite of many homeowners as far as shade trees are concerned. They have very beautiful foliage which turns to a lovely red orange hue during fall, and provides a nice addition to any landscape. There are two types of maples best suited for shade purposes, namely Autumn Blaze Maples and Red Maples. The Red Maple grows to about 8 feet in height within two years or so – high enough for a hammock or a coffee table set.

If you are looking to add more shade to your landscape and improve its aesthetic appeal as well, then planting these trees are one of your best options. Aside from the lovely sight and shade, they also grow pretty fast which will let you enjoy their benefits much sooner.