It’s Time to Have an Old Tree Removed

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Many homeowners throughout the Medford area have trees on their properties. Trees oxygenate the air, provide shade, and break strong gusts, in some cases protecting nearby structures. They can also attract beautiful birds and provide shelter to many types of wildlife, not all of which are welcome inside or near a home. While most homeowners take good care of the trees on their land, it can be difficult for some to determine when it’s time to cut down an old tree that has no hope of recovery.

Signs of Tree Death

It’s not a good idea to have a dead tree lingering on your property without addressing it. A dead tree can easily become a hotbed of pest infestations, attracting all types of insects that could eventually find their way into your home. Some of the most common signs of tree death are:

  1. Large cracks in the trunk.
  2. Large sets of scaffolding branches.
  3. Dead branches in the upper crown of the tree.
  4. An absence of living buds on the ends of twigs on the lower branches.
  5. Sizeable cavities in the tree trunk.
  6. Mold and fungal growth on the base of the tree.

One or more of these signs indicates that the tree is in its final stages, and it’s time for you to think about having it professionally removed.

Why Remove a Dead Tree?

The primary reason most homeowners want dead trees removed is aesthetics. People rarely find dead trees attractive. Additionally, dead trees cannot provide the benefits that healthy trees can. As their leaves die and their branches struggle to produce new ones, the tree will no longer produce shade for the home.

Dead trees can also be hazardous to homes and the people who dwell in them. A dead hardwood tree with branches hanging over your house could lead to very expensive roof repairs after a heavy storm. If a strong wind knocks dead branches loose, they could fall into your roof and/or windows, leading to costly repairs. Loose dead branches could also fall and cause injuries.

If you have a tree that you think is dead or dying, it’s vital to contact a professional. Advanced Tree and Landscape in Medford, Oregon, can help. We have experience safely removing all types of trees from residential properties and pruning back struggling trees to encourage healthier growth. One of our team members can inspect your tree and recommend the best