How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

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Winter is coming, but this does not mean doom for your lawn! There are plenty of ways to get your lawn ready for the cold seasons—by winterizing plants, planting for next spring, and basic cleanup. Here are some lawn care suggestions for this fall that will prepare your lawn for winter and spring.

Fall Lawn Care

Despite cooling temperatures, fall is a good time to aerate turf and reseed bare spots. The cold temperature and increase in moisture during the cooler season make it easy to reseed these spots. Don’t forget to mow the lawn until the grass stops growing for a better appearance and easier raking. Fertilizing your lawn can also strengthen your turf for winter.


Winter frost can damage trees, and temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are known to go below freezing. To prevent frost cracking, wrap tree trunks in paper tree wrap and fortify with duct tape. You can also surround trees and shrubs with hardware cloth to prevent pest damage. Continue to water plants even after they start to go dormant and until the ground freezes.


Many flowers—such as pansies, mums, and snapdragons—flourish in the fall. Fall is also prime time for planting spring-blooming flower bulbs, as well as garlic and shallots. A little work in the fall will be rewarding in the spring when your garden blooms with flowers. Spinach, lettuce, and root crops like carrots are candidates for late fall crops and winter harvests. Cover these crops with straw if temperatures fall below freezing.


Rake leaves to let grass breathe freely. Leaf piles can create conditions for bacteria and mold development. Pick up fallen fruit and other debris—this will keep your lawn looking neat and reduce the attraction of pests.

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