How Stumps Can Wreak Havoc On Your Home

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While many trees are beautiful and provide welcome shade in the summer months, they can create significant problems for your home. Falling leaves and branches create hours of yard work and can cause significant damage if they settle on your roof or in your gutters. Springtime thunderstorms can cause large branches to crack and fall, putting your home at risk for structural damage and your family in a dangerous situation.

Elaborate root systems can crack your home’s foundation and plumbing and create several thousand-dollar repairs that many can ill afford.  Sometimes, regular tree maintenance is enough to mitigate these risks and allow your family to coexist peacefully with the greenery in your yard. In some cases, however, complete removal is necessary. Many tree removal services are able to cut down the trunk and branches, but few complete the job by removing the stump.

Stump Removal Tips

When trying to rid your yard of a tree, it’s essential to remove the trunk and root system as well as the visible parts of the tree. Aside from being unsightly, tree stumps have the potential to continue to cause damage even if the trunk and branches are gone. The root systems for trees are often widespread and continue to grow after the above ground parts have been removed. This means that a tree stump can continue to cause structural damage to your home.

At Advanced Tree Service, we use a three-grinder approach to removing tree stumps and roots. Between these three grinders, we can be sure that we’ve removed all parts of the stump and root system. When we finish, you can rest assured that your tree is completely removed, and your yard is level and ready for you to landscape however you so choose.

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