Hiring a Professional Tree Service During the Winter Is a Great Way to Improve Your Landscaping

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You may think that professional tree services are not available during the winter, but this season is a great time to hire tree experts to get your landscaping in shape before spring. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a tree service in the winter is that these companies have more open schedules in the winter months, and you can focus on your job without other distractions.

Although you may need some additional service once the weather warms up and your trees come to life, there is a great deal of maintenance that can be performed during the winter while trees are dormant. One way that tree professionals find winter tree maintenance beneficial is that they can more easily identify dead limbs and those in danger when there are no leaves on the tree. Winter pruning is also beneficial in many cases because pruning can be less detrimental to the tree’s functional root zone when the ground is frozen.

Many tree service professionals recommend pruning in the late winter, just before the new spring growth occurs. Tree wound closure slows significantly during the winter but kicks back into gear when spring arrives. This means that pruning just before spring allows the wounds to heal quickly as soon as the weather warms up and tree growth accelerates.

Having your trees pruned in the winter months also reduces the risk of insect and fungal infestations at the pruning site. This means that your tree has a better chance of recovering fully from pruning and ensures better tree health in the coming year.

If you are looking for a trusted tree service in the Medford, Oregon area, reach out to Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping at (541) 621-9460 to find out how we can service your trees this winter for better growth in the coming spring.