Fire Safe Landscaping

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Fire-Safe Landscaping

Landscaping your home is a terrific investment and return on your money, but a beautiful yard is much more than that. For some people their yard is their haven, for others it’s their means of expression, but one thing is sure – your yard is just as important as the interior decoration inside your home.

Advanced Tree Services & Landscaping has a talented team of well-trained and creative specialists who can take care of every aspect of your yard, from designing it, to installing it, to maintaining it. If you have a home in a rural area of Oregon, or one next to a large stand of trees or open space, your landscaping also needs to be safe and fire resistant as well. “Fire-safe landscaping” doesn’t mean blank land for 100 feet around your house, though. A truly effective fire-safe landscape design can be truly beautiful as well. There are many terrific options for fire-resistant plants and a design that incorporates fire-resistant design features as well. We can create a landscape design for you that can offer:
• fire-safe zones with beautiful stone walls, patios, swimming pools, decks, and/or roadways.
• a choice of great high moisture plants that grow close to the ground and have a low sap or resin content.
• a choice of lovely trees like maple, poplar, or cherry; there are many trees that are less flammable than pine, fir, or other conifers.

At Advanced Tree Services & Landscaping, we understand exactly how to create a landscape design – with all trees and vegetation placed at regulation distances – that will provide both safe and stunning effects. Not only that, but we will work with you to develop a worry-free annual maintenance plan to ensure that you and your family are always ready for fire season – beautifully!