Fall Tree Care Tips for Medford, Oregon

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During the fall months in Medford, Oregon, it is time to start thinking about getting your lawn cleaned up and ready for the colder months.  Along with lawn care, there are preparations for your trees that are important to keep them healthy and thriving throughout the rest of the year. 

Mulching Trees

Mulch is a terrific way to protect tree roots from chilly weather. When you mulch your trees, water will stay around the root system longer.

How to Mulch Trees in the Fall:

  • Layer the mulch between three to six inches around the tree. 
  • The radius of mulch should spread three-feet from the base of the tree. 
  • Mulch should never touch the base of the tree.  Protect the base by making sure that the mulch is at least six inches away from the tree. 
  • The mulch shouldn’t be in a mound around the tree.  Spread the mulch out flat and even. 

Watering Trees

Watering trees is still essential during the fall months.  Water trees slowly and soak the roots for healthy growth all year.  Before it freezes in late fall, saturate the trees so they can retain as much water as possible in the root system.

Pruning Your Trees During the Fall Months

Pruning should be done by a professional because of the biology of the tree.  There is a wrong way and a right way to prune branches!  With professional pruning, it is less likely that the tree will have a shortened lifespan.  If you have questions about pruning your trees in the fall, contact us for assistance!

Inspect Your Trees Regularly

Take the time to inspect your trees, once every week or two during the fall months.   Check the tree for branches that are damaged or broken.  Also, look for damage around the base of the tree.

After a storm, make sure you inspect the trees in your yard for damage or broken branches. You could notice damage from animals or insects as the weather cools down, which means the tree needs an inspection by a professional.   If you see anything concerning,  call us to have your tree inspected.