Don’t Fall Behind on Fall Cleanup

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As this year comes quickly to a close, as the years often do, it’s natural to find oneself questioning where the time has gone. With all the monotony of working from home, the stress of the pandemic, and the question of how the holidays will look this year, it’s natural to reach November and realize that you haven’t maintained your yard the way you might normally. Though it feels like yet another chore to accomplish, ridding your yard of leaves in autumn is essential to the health of your lawn come springtime.

Get a Jump on Fall Cleanup This Year

While decomposing leaves do provide natural fertilizer for the ground, they also present several hazards to the health of your lawn and home. A layer of un-raked leaves left over the winter acts as insulation, creating a layer of warm moisture that bugs and rodents really love. Many types of grass-killing pests will make a home under the leaf layer, effectively eating and killing the grass’s nutrients and potentially putting your home at risk for infestation. This insulated patch also provides ideal growing conditions for weeds, making your spring and summer weeding battle all the more difficult.

The barrier of leaves also keeps any sunlight away from your lawn. Sunlight is essential for plants such as grass to photosynthesize and grow, and keeping the sun away only stands to stunt the plant’s ability to do so. This can lead to patchy and uneven grass the following summer and even unsightly bare patches.

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Keeping up a picturesque lawn is hard work. For many, the job can cause serious back and body pain. Requiring the right tools and thorough attention to detail, the perfect lawn is tough for a DIY job. Leave the job to the professionals at Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping, who are here to help with all your lawn winterization needs.