Create a Yard for Summer Fun

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Spending time relaxing in your yard may be a part of summer you like.  While it is standard to have a yard for downtime, there are wonderful ways to incorporate adventure, fun, and entertaining into your yard as well.  With a little bit of landscaping and placement of the plants you love, you can turn your yard into a place everyone wants to go to socialize.

Create Sections

Envision everything you’d like in your yard to entertain your family and friends and then sketch some sections out with different activities.  You may have a part for cooking and eating, a rock wall, a place to hang out in a hammock, and a space to work on hobbies.  If you love to garden a greenhouse could be one space, and an outdoor kitchen may be one of the other areas.  If you have children, have spaces for them and spaces that adults like to be in, so everyone has a place to feel comfortable entertaining.

Incorporate Exercise

Add areas to your yard that incorporate physical activity into a fun time and entertaining guests.  Add an area for a net and play volleyball or put in a horseshoe pit.  If you have a large enough space, consider an outdoor space to workout in the mornings.  Exercise spaces can consist of yoga and even an area to do some major training for your next race.

Make Memories

Fire pits are all the rage in back yards because of the ability to sit around them and have conversations in the evening.  They can be upscale, or you can make it feel like you are camping in your back yard.  If you can’t get to the beach or into the mountains, you will always have a place that reminds you of nature. Check the fire rules in Oregon before using your summer fire pit and charcoal grills.

After you’ve created spaces for all the fun things you’d like to do with friends and family in your yard this summer, plan to have a weekly visit from Advanced Tree and Landscape to have your lawn and landscaping maintained.