Commercial Tree Service

Commercial Tree Service

Here in the Medford area, trees are an integral part of any neighborhood’s landscape. In fact, trees and well-maintained landscaping can provide your commercial property with an effective boost in property value, as well as send a message to your clients that you care capable of providing them with the utmost care and concern.

However, performing your own tree and landscape maintenance can be time-consuming. Advanced Tree Service is here to help, whether you are in need of preventive maintenance or tree removal services.

Preventive Maintenance
Hiring Advanced Tree Service to perform your company’s preventive maintenance can keep your property looking beautiful, while giving you the time to focus on other aspects of your business. We provide:

• Pruning and Trimming
Proper pruning and trimming reduces overgrowth, keeping the trees on your property looking healthy and growing under ideal conditions. In addition, pruning decreases the risk of structure or other property damage by removing dead limbs.

• Tree Spraying
Schedule annual or semi-annual spraying to reduce disease, fungi and infestation that could spread among your property’s trees.

• Cabling and Bracing
If your commercial property has trees that are cracked or leaning, they may eventually present a fall or downed limb hazard. Cabling and bracing services may help heal the trees and prevent their removal down the line.

• Other Landscaping Maintenance
The professional look of your commercial landscaping is important for investor or client appeal. Advanced Tree Service offers a broad selection of landscape maintenance to keep your property looking neat and clean.

Tree and Stump Removal

Sometimes, preventive maintenance is no longer sufficient for the proper safety of your commercial property. Advanced Tree Service provides the following commercial removal services:

• Stump Grinding
If your commercial property features unsightly tree stumps, Advanced Tree Service can grind the stumps below ground level, removing every trace of them. The process is typically much faster and much more affordable than complete stump removal.

• Tree Removal
Unhealthy trees on your commercial property can present a fallen branch or fallen tree hazard and raise your company’s liability for property damage. Our trained professionals will quickly and safely remove hazardous trees from your property.

• Emergency Removal
Should a storm, accident or other emergency leave trees threatening property, blocking roadways, or impeding power lines on your commercial property, call Advanced Tree Service 24/7. Our master arborists will take care of the problem while you attend to other important matters.

For over 30 years, Advanced Tree Service has been providing Medford area businesses with the utmost in professional, preventive maintenance, landscaping, and tree removal services. To request a free estimate, call (541) 621-9460 or complete a contact form.