Caring for Evergreen Plants

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Even as the weather gets colder, you won’t necessarily have to stop caring for your yard and the plants in it. Evergreen plants, such as pine trees and holly bushes, can last all year if you know how to care for them. If you want to help your evergreen plants thrive this winter, then here’s our advice.

Make Use of Natives

In the Pacific Northwest, we have a lot of evergreen plants at our disposal, and they should be chosen ahead of more exotic varieties. This is because they’ve adapted to the climate and soil conditions in Oregon, which makes them easier to plant and care for. You have a variety of options here, from trees like the Douglas fir and the cedar to shrubbery like the Oregon grape.

Prep the Soil

When planting anything, you should make sure that the soil is healthy and suitable. Evergreens like their soil to be acidic and moist, and this can be done with the use of compost, peat moss, or mulch. You can also add sulfur if you need a stronger method. Then, just keep the ground water. In the winter, the snow and ice will help a lot.

Keep Them Trimmed

You don’t need to obsess over-pruning your evergreens, but you should still make it a routine to check on them. Getting rid of dead or decaying branches can help your plant thrive. The best time to prune them is in the spring, allowing the branches to grow back and harden in time for the winter. You should also avoid pruning more than a third of the plant at a time.

Call Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping

If you want a professional’s help in keeping your evergreen plants healthy and happy all year long, then Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping is here to help. We’ll make sure your plants thrive and your landscaping is perfect, regardless of whether we’re heading into winter or in the middle of a summertime heat wave. Contact us today!