Avoid These Landscaping Mistakes This Fall

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As cooler temperatures arrive and we settle into the warmth of our homes in the autumn months, it is easy to put landscaping maintenance on the back burner. There are many tasks that you should be sure to take care of in the fall, and mistakes that homeowners make when they bring in the patio furniture for the year. As you complete your yard maintenance checklist this month, be sure to keep these common fall landscaping mistakes in mind to best protect your yard and keep your home looking great.

Don’t Put Off Mulching for Spring

Proper mulching is necessary in the fall to protect the roots of your perennials, shrubbery, and trees. Colored mulch provides a lovely setting for your evergreens over the winter, and ground-hugging autumn plants can make your gardens stand out after summer flowers have died off.

Don’t Forget to Plant Bulbs

Fall is the best time to plant many bulbs for your spring gardens. Be sure to check with your local nursery for ideas on what to plant, and how deep they should be planted to avoid freezing.

Fertilize your Lawn

Properly fertilizing your lawn isn’t just a spring or summer chore. When you continue fertilizing your lawn through the autumn, you help to prevent damage during the freezing winter weather. Your lawn is likely not growing as fast as it was in the summer but be sure to keep up with mowing this season as well.

Maintaining your yard, gardens, and hardscaping is a chore that requires the most work during the summer but should be taken care of year-round. When you keep up with regular seasonal tasks, your home has curb appeal all year long, and your trees and plants are healthier and lusher. If you have any landscaping needs this fall, reach out to Advanced Tree and Landscaping at (541) 621-9460.