5 Reasons Why You May Want Tree Removal

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Many praise Oregon for the beautiful greenery spread across the entire state. Though the trees are foundational to Oregon’s natural beauty, there are some situations where people may need to remove a tree from their property. Following are the most common reasons why home owners may want or need tree removal.


Oregon is overflowing with large, thick trees that have been growing for decades. If one of these massive trees falls on your property, it could cause serious damage. Sometimes, there are trees that are even leaning toward your home. Spring and summer are the most common seasons for storms to occur. To protect not only your home but your family, you may need to remove the tree so it does not fall and crush your house during an especially strong storm.

Preserve the Structural Integrity

Having property overflowing with beautiful trees can be ideal. However, if there is a tree growing too close to your home, it can have a detrimental impact on the foundation of your house. As the roots expand, they could begin growing beneath your home, tearing and weakening the structural integrity of your house. Additionally, trees that hover above your home can drop large leaves into your gutters or on your roof. If the leaves block the drainage, your gutters and your roof could begin rotting from water damage.

Blocking the Sun

Shade can be great for a patio, porch, or backyard location. However, without the sun drying the ground, the Oregon rain can seep into the patio stones or other materials, causing mildew and slow rotting that could seriously damage your outdoor areas.

Aesthetic Reasons

For a variety of reasons, most people are very hesitant to remove trees. However, if you have a specific look you want for your home, a tree could take away from that. You may want to remove a tree if it is damaging your desired aesthetic.

Dropping Leaves or Petals

Though a yard or patio spattered with leaves and petals can provide a wonderful, natural look to a home, it can also be impractical. Trees leaning over your patio may cover your furniture with tree materials, which can be frustrating in the spring and summer months when you want to spend time outside.