4 Ways To Landscape For Pest Prevention This Summer

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18867047 - rememberThis is the time of year when families get a little more inspired to be outdoors and be active. Having a nicely groomed backyard is great during the summer months for hosting barbecues and having guests over for meals.


Additionally, it is important to have a well-landscaped home for safety reasons. While it might not seem obvious, the landscaping around your home is essential to the safety of your home – especially if you are going to be taking vacations during the summer months.


Keeping your home protected from invaders is a big priority during these summer months. And, those invaders include ants, roaches, and burglars.


The number of pest infestations and home invasions increases dramatically during the summer months, and one of your best resources for preventing this from happening to your home – is to have a tidy landscape.


Here are some things that you can do to keep your landscaping clean so that your home is protected:


  • Make sure that your lawn is properly trimmed and kept short. If you are going to be out of town, consider hiring someone to mow for you while you are gone. Keeping your grass trimmed short will keep pests from thinking of your yard as a hiding place, and the further away from your home you can keep them … the better
  • Keep bushes and shrubs that are near windows … kept trimmed! Bushes are the perfect hiding place for pests and they will hang out in the bush until it is dark and then make their move up the branches and to your window sill. Next stop, inside your home!
  • If you have trees that are close to your home, keep them pruned so that there isn’t any cover, shade or darkness where a person could hide. Burglars seek out homes that where there are little nooks for them to hide in
  • Make sure to keep driveways, pathways, and any areas outside of your home well-lit … even while you are gone. Anywhere that is dark or shadowed should have a motion light installed. This will deter any burglars from choosing your home.


Make sure that you and your family have an awesome summer vacation by ensuring that you come home to your house just the way you left it. Protect your home and your memories by following these landscaping tips!