4 Tips for Summer Tree Care

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As an Oregon homeowner, you take pride in your landscape and spend the time needed to keep your lawn and flowerbeds healthy and well maintained. Properly caring for the trees on your property is just as important. Spending time during the summer to care for your trees will ensure that they remain happy and healthy. The following tips can help you develop your own summer tree maintenance program. 

1. Properly Mulch Your Trees

Mulching your trees helps to maintain the proper soil moisture and temperature while reducing the growth of weeds. You should create a donut of shredded hardwood mulch that is three to four inches deep. Keep mulch away from the tree trunk to prevent disease and insect issues. 

2. Keep Your Trees Well Irrigated

Trees need at least an inch of water a week, so properly irrigating your trees during the summer is important. If you have newly planted or young trees, it is especially important to ensure they have adequate water to avoid stress. Deep watering helps to promote stronger roots than more frequent shorter periods of irrigation. 

3. Fertilize Your Trees As Needed

Fertilizing your tree will ensure that it has the necessary nutrients to support proper leaf and root growth. This will also help your trees ward off any diseases or pests. Trees that grow in suburban environments or urban areas are often under more stress than those that grow in nature, and adding more nutrients can prevent stress-related issues.

4. Prune Your Trees

Most pruning takes place when trees are dormant, but your trees may require some summer pruning. Trees that flower in spring, such as flowering cherry trees, magnolias, and lilacs, should be pruned after the blooms are gone. You also want to prune any diseased, damaged, or dead branches to maintain the health of your tree. A professional arborist should handle pruning on larger trees or in situations where you are unsure of the proper pruning methods. 

Contact Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping

The best way to ensure your trees receive the proper care this summer is to contact the professionals at Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping. We can evaluate your tree’s health, check for pests or disease, and take care of all your pruning needs. Contact us today and let one of our experts help you keep your trees happy and healthy.