Fall Season & Your Trees

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38167837_sFor many people, the fall season feels like a time of year to cover up the trees and landscaping and get hunkered down for the winter temperatures. The leaves are fall from the trees, and the garden is uprooted for the frosty cold weather.

We all know that spring is a great time of year for blooming and growth, but the fall is also a good time of year to do some planting. This is especially true for trees. When a new tree is planted, there is a bit of transplant shock to consider. This occurs when the tree is introduced to the new surroundings and has to adapt.

Luckily, trees are built to adapt and survive, but any support that you can give them is a bonus. Planting during the fall season is a great way to support your trees through transplant shock. When you plant trees during the fall the moisture levels and temperature in the soil are ideal for the root system to grow strong.

In fact, the root system of your tree will likely grow bigger if planted during the fall season. Here are some other benefits to planting during the fall:

  • Root system. During the fall, the soil that you plant your trees in has just the right temperature and the right amount of moisture to help the root system. While it is cold outside and the leaves and branches don’t do much growing, the roots still grow all year around. When you plant a tree during the fall season, the roots get a good head start because of the extra moisture in the soil.
  • During the fall season many nurseries have lowered their prices on trees so, you can purchase several at less of a cost. The idea is to move the trees that were stocked during the summer but didn’t sell.
  • When your trees are bare during the fall season, it is easier to see the areas of your landscaping that need more planting. You can add a tree to these areas during the fall and then in the spring when everything starts to blossom those blank areas are filled in.

Trees are a tremendous benefit to your landscaping. They provide shade in the summer and beauty all year around. Follow these tips for planting during the fall and give your trees the most support you can.