3 Signs That Your Tree Is Sick

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21579260_sThe trees in your yard are an important part of providing a nice bit of shade and some clean air. 
Just planting a new tree can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the 
If you have a bare spot in your yard or landscaping – planting a tree is a great way to improve 
the look and fill out the landscaping.  
Trees are a good investment also as they are useful for you and your family all year around. 
During the summer, they provide shade and during the winter they can help to insulate and 
buffer your home from the cold weather.  
However, if any of the trees in your yard have an illness or are damaged in any way, that curb 
appeal could go right down the tubes.  
Since trees are such a major part of a landscaping plan, any of the trees that are sick or 
showing signs of damage will be a tremendous eyesore.  
The best thing is to keep any eye on all of your trees so that you know before anyone else that 
the tree is in bad shape and should be inspected.  
Here are a few things to keep in your mind about trees that are sick and losing their bark:  
  • The most common reason for trees to lose chunks of their bark is due to a disease that  has infected the tree. Tree diseases are common and can move from one tree to another. If you have a tree in your yard that is needle casting and losing chunks of bark – make sure that you contact a tree care specialist right away.  
  • Squirrels are another common cause for trees to lose their bark. In fact, a couple of squirrels nesting in your pine tree can lead to so much damage of the bark that the tree begins to get sick and eventually dies. Make sure to keep an eye on the health of any tree on your property that have squirrels living in them 
  • For some trees, it is just natural for some of the bark to fall off as a process of growth and change. Losing bark is not always a sure sign of trouble. That is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on your trees so that you know right when something looks wrong and you can call for help 
Use these signs of trouble to help triage any problems that your trees are having. This is a great 
time of year to ensure that all of your trees are healthy and strong as the winter season can 
cause a sick tree to turn into a major safety hazard