Preparing Your Garden for Spring

We may still be dealing with winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about spring. If you start now, you can have a beautiful garden that’ll last you through to the fall. Here are a few tips to prepare your garden for what’s ahead.

Clean Up

Cleaning up isn’t just for the spring! It’s important to start organizing things now. This includes clearing debris and weeds, preparing the tools in your shed, and pruning the winter or evergreen plants that need it. This way, you’ll be ready to start gardening when things get warmer and avoid having a mess to deal with later.

Prepare and Organize Seeds

Whether you already know what you’re going to plant or like to try something new each year, a big part of preparing for spring is to get your seeds ready. There’s more to this than simply purchasing a few seed packets — the seeds themselves should be inspected for quality, put away in an organized manner, and perhaps even germinated or pre-grown in a smaller, indoor container first. If your seeds are ready, all you’ll have to do is plant them.

Prepare the Soil

It’s not always easy to prep your soil in the winter. If you do it too early, the ground may be too cold and frozen to move. However, you should still do your best to till and turn the soil to loosen it up. This is also a good time to add compost and other amendments, mixing them into your normal soil. Once your soil is tilled and the compost has been added, you can be sure you have healthy, fertile ground for your plants to grow in.

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